Message From Principal/Director

Greetings from KU City School!

The world is rapidly changing day to day hence it is giving various challenges to human beings, especially to juvenile students as they have to move for new endeavors ahead. For combating such challenges, we believe education is only the prime vehicle. So, we genuinely follow John Dewey’s adage, ‘Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself’. Having various learning theories such as behaviorism, cognitivism, constructivism and connectivism applied in acquiring education worldly, we believe to synergize all of them, and focus for Student centered- method of delivery for the holistic growth of students. So, we do not only contribute students something to learn, but we also fundamentally offer them something to do themselves, where we march with them together. In fact, we believe in doing something demands creativity, innovation and critical thinking, which in amalgamation naturally results learning, the best output of education. Furthermore, we say an involvement in action creates the virtuous integrity and resilience, which are supposed to be the master tools of students for shaping their life. The school aims at mounting the auto-motivation and diagnostic skills, and indoctrinating a sense of self-restraint in students such that they can confidently stand in any nook of the world for accepting any challenges, and resolving them. We assuredly believe that our young students experience a high-class learning ambience, and feel a difference in KU City School. We do have a team of highly qualified, dedicated and experienced faculty, who always visualize about students’ academic augmentation and their all-inclusive development. We moralistically focus on providing students with the education of an international standard. For this, the school supports its entire program with the state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technologies. We amiably inspire our students, cordially invite parents and stakeholders to be part of this expedition ahead with us. You are most welcome here!


Shree Bhadra Sigdel